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Exercise Programmes in brief

Exercise programs are an important part of regaining full function. Pain and injury can cause inhibition of normal muscle activation, resulting in weakness, even when an injury has “healed”.  This results in incomplete recovery, leading to ongoing or re-occurring pain. Please see our Class Timetable for information on our Physio Personal l Training sessions (click here for class timetable)

Specific muscle weakness is often difficult to identify, as it may lie in the smaller postural and/or stabilising muscles, not just the larger muscle groups.  Therapy Max physiotherapists specialise in rehabilitative exercise programs.  They are able to identify where strengthening or improved flexibility is required and can progress an exercise program and assist your return to sport and work.

Any Therapy Max prescribed exercise program will reflect your goals because each is designed towards your return to a specific sport or type of work etc.  Some people with very painful, chronic or complex injuries may benefit from combining their exercise approaches.  Often beginning with hydrotherapy and progressing to another such as pilates, home or gym programs.   At Therapy Max, we aim return you of full strength and function without aggravation of pain.

Gym Programs

Gym Based strengthening programs assist to develop a higher level of strength and fitness, which enables return to work, sport & daily activities.  These sessions are usually based in the Cook + Phillip‘s comprehensive & friendly gym.   Your therapist provides strict supervision to ensure you learn the correct exercises and avoid further injury.  Gym entry is covered in treatment costs.

When proficient, clients are encouraged to continue independently, to help them improve faster, and be reviewed when upgrades are required.

Who benefits from exercise Programs

People of any age and with a range of injuries and conditions do benefit from personalised exercise programs.  Therapy MAx have assisted individuals with a wide variety of problems including:

  • Back and neck pain

  • Fracture & post surgical rehab

  • Soft tissue injuries returning to sport

  • MVAs including whiplash & trauma

  • Weight control, deconditioning, osteoporosis & diabetes management

  • Post natal fitness

  • Nerve & neurological injury

  • Chronic pain

  • Falls prevention & cardiac rehab (phase 3 only)
  • Home Exercise Programs

    Most clients requiring rehabilitation or assistance with injuries are prescribed home exercises.  All Therapy Max therapists can prescribe appropriate exercises, however our Physiotherapists are the most experienced with more complex injury rehabilitation.  Your therapist will provide home exercise sheets for all personalised programs.

    Work Conditioning and WRAP Programs

    Injured workers under Work Cover may be benefit from a “Work Conditioning Program” or WRAP to enable faster recovery and return to work. Therapy Max provides such programs and can assist with enquiries.

    Please enquire about your suitability to participate in one of our personalised or class exercise programs today!


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