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Physiotherapy in brief

Most soft tissue injuries and problems of the limbs, back and neck can be treated by our qualified & experienced physiotherapists, with excellent success.

Physiotherapy targets those musculoskeletal areas which are not working smoothly by improving pain, mobility, strength and fitness.  Physiotherapy treatment is geared to assisting your return to normal daily activities, work and sport.

Your Therapy Max physio will provide personalised expertise, to help your recovery.  Standard appointments are 30 minutes.  Initial appointments are usually 60 minutes, with extra time required for your assessment, in order to provide the best possible treatment plan and hence outcome.

Our Physiotherapists provide:

  • Mainstream Musculoskeletal Assessment & Diagnosis – This includes discussion of your issues, movement & biomechanical analysis, examination of the affected areas & diagnosis based on the findings. This thorough process is essential for the fastest road to recovery to be identified.

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Plans – Therapy Max physiotherapists are guided by current research and their extensive clinical experience when choosing the best approach for you.

  • Manual Therapy - The hands-on physio skills that include manipulation, mobilisation and massage of muscles, joints and neural structures.

  • Home Exercise Programs – Stretching, strengthening & physical exercise is important component of fitness. See Exercise Programs page.

  • Hydrotherapy - Water based exercise may be used exclusively or in combination with other modalities to assist your recovery. See Hydrotherapy page.

  • Fit Backs – Focusing on core stability, posture and back strength. Exercises can be taught individually or in our Fit Back Classes. See Fit Backs page.

  • Gym-Based Rehabilitation – Return to higher levels of fitness and strength in an environment that is motivating and functionally specific to your goals. See Exercise Programs page.

  • Education & Advice – Therapy Max physios will give you a better understanding of how and why your injury has occurred or re-occurs; advise on suitable exercise, ergonomic changes and other self-help strategies

  • Holistic Approach - Where it would be beneficial, the physiotherapist will recommend other therapies that will complement the rehabilitation of your injury or condition. In these circumstances the therapists work closely for your faster, more complete recovery.

  • Orthotic Fitting – Therapy Max physiotherapists are skilled in biomechanical analysis and fitting of moldable orthotics, which can improve injury recovery, walking comfort and sports performance.

  • Taping – This aids joint protection, proprioception & muscle biofeedback is a regular part of many physiotherapy treatments.

  • Traction - Our mechanical traction machine provides relief to pinched nerves, arthritis related back and neck pain.

  • Communication with Referring Practitioners - where requested your physio will ensure a team approach to your rehab.

  • Longer Sessions – Physiotherapy treatment sessions will be 30 or 60 minutes, to ensure the most effective treatment and speed your recovery.

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