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Hydrotherapy in brief

Hydrotherapy is prescriptive exercise carry out in the warm, chest deep spa pool at Cook+Phillip Aquatic Centre. Exercises are individually designed, taught and upgraded by a Therapy Max physiotherapist according to the person’s needs.

At Therapy Max, hydrotherapy sessions are one to one and 30 minutes duration. This ensures that a personalised program is provided, where the client learns the correct exercises more quickly.

The client is encouraged to return to the pool independently to practice the exercises and hence help them improve faster. Even non-swimmers will be confident to do so after a few hydrotherapy sessions!

Hydrotherapy works through:


  • Water temperature of Cook+Phillip’s spa pool is 34° C.
  • Provides a soothing environment to exercise.
  • Promotes joint fluid viscosity, muscle and ligament flexibility, and pain relief. This promotes movement into range that may otherwise be painful on land.
  • Provides buoyancy for reduced joint stresses, and can assist movement.
  • Gives resistance through movement and aids the return of strength.
  • Provides mild compressive force aiding removal of swelling and pain relief.
Specialised exercises:
  • Physiotherapists are trained professionals, who through assessment can identify the injury dysfunction, then implement a specific exercise programme, re-assess its outcome and upgrade exercises accordingly.
  • For this reason Therapy Max provide highly trained and experienced physiotherapists to take the hydrotherapy sessions.

Problems which benefit from Hydrotherapy:


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